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AI Application Identifier

• AIT Automatic Identification Technology

AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group

AIM Automatic Identification Manufacturers

AIM-DPM Quality Guideline AIM standard relating to Direct Part Marking of Data Matrix codes

ANSI American National Standards Institute

AS9132 Aerospace Direct Part Mark Quality Standard

ATA Aircraft Transportation Association

CAGE  Commercial And Government Entity (CAG) (see also NCAGE)

CCD  Charged Couple Device

CEA Consumer Electronics Association

DI Data Identifiers

DUNS Data Universal Numbering System (Dun & Bradstreet)

DFAS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

DLIS Defense Logistics Information Service

DMT Dot Matrix Tracking

DPM  Direct Part Marking

DPMI Direct Part Marking Identification

ECC Error Correction Codes or Error Check and Correction. There are several ECC levels for the Data Matrix code however ECC 200 is the preferred level.

EIA Electronic Industries Alliance

EID Enterprise Identifier, such as CAGE, DUNS or EAN.UCC

ESN Electronic Serial Number

GIAI Global Individual Asset Identifier

GRAI Global Returnable Asset Identifier

GS1 Global Standards organisation

HRI Human Readable Identification

IAC Issuing Agency Code

IAQG International Aerospace Quality Group

ISO International Organisation for Standardization

IUID Item Unique Identification (previously known as UID)

LASER Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation. Main types of marking laser are Fibre Laser and Nd:YAG

LOT Lot Number (LOTNO)

MFR Manufacturer Code

MRI Machine-Readable Information

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA-STD-6002 Technical Standards Program Office

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization 

NCAGE Nato Commercial And Government Entity

Nd :YAG Laser using a Neodymium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet crystal as the laser source.

PIPC (Government) Property In Possession of Contractors

PNR Current Part Number TEI (PNR, PN, P/N, PIN)

PNO Original Part Number TEI

SEQ Part Serial Number TEI for Construct 2 UIIs

SER Part Serial Number TEI  for Construct 1 UIIs (SN, S/N, SERNO)

SPL Supplier Code (SPLR)

SEMI Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

SPEC 2000 Chap9  Bar code standards for traceability of aircraft parts and shipments

TEI Text Element Identifier. Examples are MFR, SER, PNO etc.

UCN  Unique Component identification Number

UID Unique IDentification  (now known as IUID see above)

UII Unique Item Identifier

VIN Vehicle Identification Number

WAWF Wide Area Work Flow

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